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Prototype Exporter

Take your prototype out of Figma

Download and run your prototype in a browser on any device

Install the plugin in Figma

How do I use it?

Once you've installed the plugin:

  1. Use Figma to design and create a prototype
  2. Select the prototype's Starting Frame
  3. Open Prototype Exporter
  4. Click "Download prototype" to download a .zip file
  5. Unzip & open index.html in your (user's) favorite browser!

What Figma features are supported?

Currently supported
  • Interaction: On Click → Navigate to Frame
  • Layers inside groups
  • Optional 2x retina image export
Not (yet) supported
  • Fix position when scrolling: layers will not be fixed, each frame is exported as an image
  • Interaction: any other than "On Click" will not work correctly
  • Animations are currently ignored (everything is an "Instant" animation)
  • Preserve scroll position is ignored (click will navigate and scroll to top)
  • Overlays do not work (mock them on your designs)
  • Overflow behavior does not work (Use longer frames instead)
  • Prototype Background color does not work

Frequently asked questions

Does Prototype Exporter change something in my Figma file?
No, it does not! The plugin only reads your file and uses that data to create the exported prototype.

Does Prototype Exporter see and store my designs?
No, we do not! The plugin runs on your machine and it does not talk to the outside world.

It's not working as expected or I found a bug! Now what?
Fill in a bug report via Google Forms or contact the creator, @jbroring on Twitter

I want to request a feature! How do I do that?
Contact the creator, Jesper Bröring on Twitter @jbroring